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About Us

Elsie Rogers Elementary School, 56219 Currant Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Phone 574/259-5231 

Fax 574/254-9087


Christina Campbell, principal

Rachelle Bradbury, secretary/treasurer

Maureen Donat, office aide


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Built in 1952, Elsie Rogers Elementary School was remodeled in 1968 and underwent another extensive renovation in 1982. A stage was added to the gymnasium in 1999 and the entrance was remodeled in 2003 to enhance building security.



Grades kindergarten through fifth

Enrollment 2014-2015: 288                                 

Teachers:  14

Specialty Teachers: 2

Teacher Aides: 6

Media/Library Aide: 1

Learning Lab Coordinator: 1

Program Assistants: 6

Youth Service Bureau Counselor: 1

Custodians: 2

Food Service: 2

Classrooms: 15

School day:  8:40 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.


Special Facilities

Computer Lab


Instructional Media Center

Three playgrounds, soccer/baseball fields

Two extended learning areas (large group)


Academic Programs

Elsie Rogers is an A-rated school! A “focused instruction” elementary school, we use  assessment data to identify reading and math skills/ standards that have the lowest rates of student mastery at each grade level.  A mastery learning approach using pre/post tests and tutorial/enrichment activities are employed to increase and sustain student mastery.  Teachers work in teams and all staff members play a role in either tutorial or enrichment groups.  Elsie Rogers follows a block schedule that provides flexibility in scheduling academic instruction and common planning time for teachers. Some first/second, some second/third, and all fourth/fifth grade students are assigned to multiage classrooms. These students participate in both grade level and multiage instructional programs that are carefully structured to meet individual student needs and provide for continuous academic progress for all students.


Students in grades K-5 receive instruction from specialists in the areas of general music and health/fitness.  Each class visits the IMC (Instructional Media Center/Library) on a weekly basis where students are encouraged to borrow books for recreational and informational reading.  Each class also visits the Computer Lab at least once a week for structured lessons using keyboard and other software programs that provide for skill remediation, skill development, skill practice, and/or enrichment.


Elsie Rogers provides an inclusive environment for students with special needs.  Support services are provided both in the general education classroom and in the resource room for students with a variety of exceptionalities.  A Speech and Language Specialist provides services for students with communication disorders. A full-time program for emotionally disabled students, an inclusion-based preschool program and a preschool language inervention program are also housed at Elsie Rogers.


With the release of the Spring 2017 ISTEP+ results, Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation now ranks in the state’s top 4% of public school districts!


For information on and to view the 2016-17 School Accountability Grades, please click here to visit the IDOE website.


ISTEP+ Spring 2017 Results­­­­–Percent of students passing ISTEP+

               English/Language Arts           Math

Grade 3          59.6%                             43.4%

Grade 4          73.9%                             67.4%                 

Grade 5          71.7%                             62.5%


Click here for 2016-17 IREAD-3 Results.


Click here to see school demographic data and past school Performance Reports on the Indiana Department of Education website.                                              


Parent Involvement

The school has an active PTO that sponsors various student activities and projects.  Parent and community members serve as volunteers in various ways throughout the school.



Student Council 

Lego League                                                  

After-school tutoring and enrichment activities                 

Intramural Sports                              

Kids Club childcare

Full-day kindergarten

Spell Bowl (grades 3-5)

WordMasters Challenge

Camp Eberhart Environmental Camp


Elsie Rogers students will attend Schmucker Middle School and Penn High School.


Colors:    Silver and blue      Mascot:   Roadrunners


Motto:     Responsible. Reliable. Respectful. Ready to Learn.