Positive tips on testing

Posted on March 5, 2015

Lately a lot of attention has been focused on state-mandated assessments.There is talk about what is being tested, how tests are administered, and how the results are used. The good news is that Penn-Harris-Madison has a long history of doing well on standardized testing, performing in the top 5% of districts statewide on ISTEP. This success depends largely on the Triangle of Success that connects parents, teachers and students working together to accomplish great things.

More good news: Parents can do a lot to help their students do their best when testing!  Know that standardized tests align with learning goals, or standards, that are being taught throughout the school year. Trying to study hard or “cram” at the last minute will not give your student an advantage. Instead, the best test preparation on the home front is your calm attitude and active support. That includes allowing for proper rest and good nutrition, and providing daily encouragement.

Facing challenges and learning to manage stress is a necessary part of growing up to be happy, productive and resilient. Parents can model those qualities for their children – and that’s just as important as any lesson learned in the classroom!

Last Modified May 8, 2019