Celebrating Computer Science Education Week

Posted on December 11, 2019

It’s Computer Science Education Week and to celebrate P-H-M Technology brought Dash Robots to the classroom.

During this week we are emphasizing doing an “Hour of Code” where students are introduced to computer programming languages.

Fourth grade teacher Mr. Cardoza and fifth grade teacher Ms. Givens planned activities for their classes that included learning about Binary Code, which is the computer language utilizing 1’s and 0’s, as well as other types of coding.

Mr. Cardoza and Ms. Givens welcomed Jessie Kinney from P-H-M Technology who brought some Dash Robots. The students were tasked with coding the robots to make deliveries to various gingerbread houses in the village.

On Thursday they are bringing in a professional coder from an outside company to talk to their students. In addition to the Dash Robots they are doing unplugged activities such as making Binary Code key chains that represent their name as well as coding directions to get from point A to B.

To see what we’re talking about please view the photo gallery below!

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